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Forgings and forged stock are metals and alloys that are thermomechanically pressed or forged into bars, rods, or other shapes. Forging is a metallurgical process that subjects metal parts to extreme pressures to impart high strength. Typically, metallic elements or alloys are heated and then worked. Unlike casting or foundry work, however, forging does not involve melting and pouring. Rather, forgings and forged stock are made by striking a rough or preformed shape (perform) with a forging hammer or press. The material flows under the impact into the desired shape. The result is a metal part with a very dense structure where the orientation of the grains depends upon the shape and tooling design.

Although most metals can be forged, the most commonly used materials include alloy, carbon and stainless steels; aluminum and titanium; brass, bronze, and copper; and high-temperature alloys with cobalt, molybdenum, or nickel. Each metal has specific weight and strength characteristics for particular applications. In addition to material selection, form is the most important parameter to consider. Forgings and forged stock include forged rods, forged bars, and forged plates; forged structural stock and forged structural shapes; and forged blocks and forged billets. Suppliers of forged structurals may also specialize in structural shape forging, structural stock forging, and structural forging. Catalog forgings are commonly available.

In addition to shape, forgings and forged stock can be classified according to shape and dimensions. For example, forged bars can have flat, round, square or hexagonal cross-sections. In turn, forged round bars can have a diameter ranging from 3-mm to 370-mm while flat bar stock can range from 10-mm x 3-mm or 150-mm x 25-mm. With forged sheets, the metalís thickness or gage is an important consideration. As a rule, higher gage numbers indicate thinner metals. Forged beams designed to support loads by bending and usually horizontal. These forgings and forged stock provide high tensile strength and are wear-resistant.

Forgings and forged stock are used in applications that require components with high-integrity material properties. Examples include the aerospace, automotive, marine, rail, off-road, processing equipment, chemical and petroleum processing, and oil and gas industries. Forgings and forged stock are also used in construction, farming, mining, and tooling. Often, the dies that are used to make forgings and forged stock are also forged.


S K Brass Component

Mr. V. A. Kanjariya

Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Energy Meter Parts, Brass Turned Components, Precision Brass Components.

Address : Plot no. 155, G.I.D.C.-2, Dared, Jamnagar 361004, India
Cel : +91-288-2730350  Mo. No. +91 9427420050, 9925129945
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Active Enterprise

Mr. Kiritbhai Mehta

  Precision Metal components, Brass Builders Hardware, Brass Forged Components
Address : 704,G.I.D.C,Phase-2,Dared Jamnagar-361004
Cel +91-288-2730003, 3290863-09377179608   FAX: +91-288-2730490
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Apple International Engg. Works Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Devang Desai

  Manufacturers and Exporters of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal Components to
more than 80 Countries Worldwide Brass Extrued Road
Address : 'A'Wing, 2nd Floor, Mhatre Pen Building, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai - 400 008. India.
Cel : +91-22-2432 3000   (m) +91 9323179836   Fax: 91-22-430 3131
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Auto Brass Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nalin Soni , Mr.  Kishore Soni
  Manufacturer of Brass Components, Brass Electrical Components, Bras Turned Components, Brass Auto Parts etc.
Address : Opp: patel Samaj, Ranjit Nagar Main Road, Somnath krupa, Jamnagar Gujarat India - 361005
Cel +91-288-2562151 2562161                       FAX:  +91-288-256 216 
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Shiv Shakti Industries
Mr. Sanjeev Mittal / Mr. Sumit Agarwal

Manufacturing Products of Brass Fasteners are from Brass Anchors, Nuts, Brass Moulding Inserts, Brass Wood Screws, Neutral Links, Energy Meter Terminals.s

Address : Plot No. 70, Opp. G.I.D.C. Octroi Naka, Shanker Tekri, Udyognagar, Jamnagar - 361004. Gujarat. India
Cel :   ++91-9824072043   Tele : ++91-288-2564174   FAX : ++91-288-2568247
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Bhavna Electrical Industries

Mr. Mayur Patel


Manufacturer & Exporter of all kind of Ferros & Non Ferros Metal Components to quality concious international Markets worldwide.

Address : 485/A G.I.D.C. Indl. Area, Shanker Tekri, Phase - 1, Jamnagar - 361 004
Cel +91 99250 20025  Ph. 0288-2561050/ 2560402/ 2567167  FAX :  288-2561710
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Changla Industries

Mr. Raju Galaiya, Vinesh Shah, AjayGalaiya, Jitesh Shah.

Manufacturers & Exporters Of Brass Fttings Components, Electric Parts. Brass Sanitary Parts, Brass Sprinkler Irrigation Part, Brass Flex Adaptor

Address : B-1, Shanker Tekari, Udyognagar, Jamnagar - 361004. Gujarat (INDIA).
Cel :  +91-288-2560141 / 2560523       FAX:   +91-288-2560149
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Kavita Brass Industries

Mr. Kailash Thadoda,  Mr. Sandeep Thadoda


Manufacturer of Brass Electrcal Components, HRC Contact Block, Brass Inserts, Brass Fuse Components, Brass Fasteners, Energy Meter Terminals, Neutral Links.

Address : 510, G.I.D.C - II, Dared By-pass, Jamnagar - 361 004, Gujarat (INDIA)
Cel +91 98242 97836 +91 98247 01510    Tele/ FAX : + 91 288 2730619
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Durga Enterprise
Mr. Niral D. Sidpara, Mr. Dhirajlal K. Sidpara
Manufacturer of Brass Gas Parts, Auto and Auto Electrical Parts, Brass Nut Bolts, Brass Forging Parts, Brass Inserts, Tyre Tube Valve Cap, Brass Compression Fittings.
Address : 425 G.I.D.C Phase 2, Industrial Estate, Dared, Jamnagar - 361004, Gujarat (India)
Cel : +91 98243 02324                            FAX: +91 288 2730308  
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